Roasting Turkey & Going to Turkey

Well, in my “other life” as half of the Lazy Cook Crazy Cook video blog (, I’ve been busy roasting turkeys, and am laughing at the fact that I am indeed GOING to Turkey in June!  It will be my second trip there (the first in 2001) and I am V excited to go on a Blue Cruise on a Turkish gulet (wooden sailboat-type affair that sleeps 12) for a week on the beautiful Turquoise Coast (if you ever wondered where the word Turquoise originated … that would be in, yes, Turkey – know as Turquoise by those elegant French – even though they were probably v. violent Huns back then).  Anyway – I have scored the mother of all deals, spending 105K United miles for a round trip business class ticket on Turkish Air for the 12-hour flight from Chicago to Istanbul.  Look forward to filling you, my readers (who number approximately 5 at this point; whatever.  I’ll promote more on day.) in on more as the trip nears.  Any and all suggestions for restaurants or what-not in Istanbul are welcome!  Happy trails for now….

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