Do Tough Times Trounce Travel?

Hell, no!  This Civilized Traveler might be making a few changes to her travel strategy, but eliminate it entirely?  I’d rather eat bleu cheese – blech!  So, herewith, a few things I’m doing to feed the travel passion during this little economic shitstorm we’re all weathering.

1. Wake up to Mini-Breaks!  The four-day weekend is back, for me!  I’m jetting off to Mesa, AZ for four days of  sun, fun, tangy margaritas, spicy Southwestern food and CUBS spring training games in March, and then planning another long weekend in Portland, OR in May to visit friends and family and explore the food scene that I’ve read so much about.  It’s nice to have a little something to look forward to on a fairly consistent basis  – and Lords knows reviewing my financial statements is most definitely not doing the trick these days.

2. “Um, Hi, United States, I’m Liz, nice to meet you” –  I’m getting to know the nation that some say screwed the pooch on this economic thing, but hey — you can get almost anywhere now on Southwest Airlines for a few hundo, and this country is pretty 4-day friendly when it comes to the get-aways.

3.  “Dear Europe: I haven’t turned my back on you entirely! ”  Yes, flights are still pricey and who knows where that wacky Euro is on its way to (up? down? sideways?)  but I’m using miles to book a trip to Spain this coming fall.  Go ahead, roll the roulette wheel of European currency – you never know – the Euro could achieve parity with the dollar by September and that’d be SWEET!

4.  And lastly, live vicariously through those who are jetting off to Caribbean resorts and sandy Mexican beaches – I’ve been able to thoroughly appreciate others’ vacation stories and start planning a spring beach break for next year!


One response to “Do Tough Times Trounce Travel?

  1. I’m with you on the “discover America” thing. I’ve been pondering the vacation options for 2009 and I think my favorite option is still take a short drive and wine and dine for a week!

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